How to Choose Healthy Wine Mini-Class

mini class wine Mar 12, 2018

I overheard: "If you drink wine, you won't lose any weight!"

The truth is, 99% of wines out there are not healthy for you.

But 1% are...and they are REALLY healthy for you!

They can be enjoyed often, and if you'd like to know exactly how and why drinking these specific wines is something I recommend to all of my clients, tune into this special live mini-class!

You'll learn:
- How to select the healthiest wine
- The many health benefits (powerful anti-aging, anyone?)

Best part is - these wines are available at your local wine merchant and extremely affordable ($10-$12 / bottle!) You just have to know what to look for!

Ladies, Are you ready for this? I'm ready to share it with you!!!

Click the video above to take the class!

Share this with your girlfriends -

Not only will they love knowing this information, but YOU'LL want them to know, too...the next time you go to their house, they'll probably be serving a healthy wine ;)

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