Chicken and Pad Tai Noodle Soup Recipe

chicken dinner Jan 26, 2018

Freshly minced ginger is the magic in this Asian-inspired soup.

Ginger is full of flavor and carries a delightful warm spice.   It's also one of the healthiest root herbs you can eat.

This recipe makes it onto my menu at least twice a month and is one of my family's favorites (and so,...

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Chicken Chorizo Paella Recipe

chicken dinner Jan 23, 2018

This one is for a special night, because it is amazing AND because it takes an hour to prepare and cook (instead of the usual 30 minutes ).

I use chicken instead of fish, and chicken chorizo instead of traditional Spanish chorizo for a lighter dish, but you can easily sub these in this recipe if...

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Organic Chicken and Dumplings Recipe

chicken dinner Jan 16, 2018

This is a southern comfort food, and after a few tries I’ve found a way to add a large amount of nutrients to it without compromising taste – mom win!

I hope your crew enjoys this delicious meal as much as mine did!

Here’s the recipe:

Organic Chicken and Dumplings


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Kale and Chicken Noodle Soup Recipe

chicken dinner Jan 13, 2018

This is one delicious way to heal the body – and from what I’ve studied, our body is always fighting something so healing is very good, even if you don’t feel sick 

I’ve put some classic, potent healing foods in this warm, savory soup – like lots of fresh...

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