How to Use Healing Foods to Fight Allergies Mini-Class

healing foods mini-class Mar 23, 2018

Hear how I got off my prescription allergy meds AND get the healthy tools to make allergy season a lot easier for you and your family!

It's so lovely to know that we can partner with our body as it works to remove allergens...literally one of my favorite skills to share because it was so, so...

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How to Balance Meals and Snacks for Maximum Energy


How to balance your meals and snacks to maximize your metabolism!

Perfect for you if:

- You're living a healthy lifestyle!
- You're trying to lose weight and want to keep it off!
- You want to know how to keep your sugar levels balanced and energy levels high!

Balancing your meals and snacks...

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Healthy Foods You Should Always Have In Your Pantry (free downloadable list!)

mini-class trainer tips Feb 16, 2018

*This is a recording of the Facebook LIVE Mini-Class "Healthy Foods You Should Always Have In Your Pantry!" and it goes perfectly with the Pantry Refresh online course.

Welcome friend!

This mini-class is perfect for you if you, like me, wish to live a healthy lifestyle and provide a healthy...

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How I get my protein in without all that meat for a lighter, fitter, healthier body!

mini-class trainer tips Feb 05, 2018

It's a well known fact that women need about 50 grams of protein each day to thrive.  A bit more than that if she's an athlete and active every day.

A few years ago, I found myself eating meat (mostly chicken breast) 3 times a day and thought I was doing the healthy thing by getting all my...

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