About Katy

About Katy Gillis:

Katy Gillis believes that living a healthy, fit lifestyle allows people to enjoy their life more, and it should be simple and easy for anyone to do.

So she chose the fitness industry to do her own life's work in, and has a deep passion for it!

In 2005, she launched her first business and has been helping women acheive their goals and live their best healthy life ever since.

In roles such as personal trainer, sports nutritionist, teacher, group fitness instructor, weight loss coach, speaker, and mentor, Katy has devoted her career to helping others succeed. 

She has helped thousands of women across four countries through her online training programs, and is constantly creating new ways to add value to her clients, wherever they are in the world.  With a priority on relationships, and she is committed to serving every one, well.

Katy loves living in the romantic-old-beach-city of St. Augustine, Florida, sharing life alongside her husband, Andy, and their three young children Olivia, Liam, and Victoria.

In her home as wife and mother, she has a mission in the kitchen to provide healthy, tasty meals and snacks for her crew to enjoy so they can do whatever it is they wish to do without a lack of health holding them back.  

She enjoys riding her bicycle, weight lifting, playing tennis, and sipping a glass of red wine while cooking dinner... and will reschedule just about anything for an impromptu boat day! 

Connect with Katy on her social media spaces:

Facebook for fitness and nutrition tips and motivation.


Instagram for a daily peek into Katy's world.


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